Harold Saxon the Man in the Tardis

Harold Saxon is an identity assumed by the Master, who is a frequent character in the popular British science fiction television series, Doctor Who. When Utopia was nearing its end, the Master was fatally injured by one of his own companion. This is when he flees by taking Doctor's TARDIS- the fictional spacecraft and time machine. However, the Master was unaware of the fact that the TARDIS was sabotaged by the Doctor, and that he could only travel between the present day Earth and the year hundred trillion. Finally, he arrives on Earth and the place we know as United Kingdom just before the year 2008 campaign.

To fit among the Earth people the Master becomes a top political person holding a rank of a minister in the Ministry of Defense, surrounded be security out guards and known as Harold Saxon. He is seen holding this position till the year 2006 Christmas period of the TV series. While in his post, The Master funds the project set-up by Professor Richard Lazarus. This project revolves around the development of A...more

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